Re: Addicted to Milk of Magnesia?

From: Eileen Rivera (
Sat Mar 24 10:19:52 2001

Dear Colette,

I'm also a adhesion sufferer and on February 1/01, I had my ninth surgery but second in adhesions. Since my second surgery doctors had told me I had severe endometriosis and adhesions. This last surgery I had intestinal obstruction due to multiple adhesions.

Three years ago the adhesions wrapped my intestines but not " in a life and death situation" as now. The adhesions also "choked" my appendix and "pulled" my appendix towards my intestine. My appendix was about to "burst" soon. Everything was all wrapped together.

All the previous surgeries were of one ovary removal, 3 of endometriosis, hysterectomy, etc.etc. This time I had terrible pain, specially at my left side, back pain, pain around my waist, I had difficulty walking, pain if I ate solid food, hardly couldn't go to the bathroom, nauseous until I couldn't go to the bathroom at all! I was rushed to the hospital and placed through my nose a tube down my stomach.

I was so angry at the fact knowing that again adhesions were back , and another surgery, that at the forth day I left the hospital at my own risk, eventhough the doctors told me I could die if I didn't have surgery soon. I was so determine to die better than having another surgery and the killing pain.

I went back to work after a week with the pain until January 24 I just couldn't take it any longer. I could not walk, eat and the pain was killing me when I went back to the hospital. During those weeks I had gone to the doctor and he was giving me medication to try to go to the bathroom but It was so little the medication was doing.

On February 1st I decide to have the surgery after the doctors were tired of convincing me. After surgery, the surgeon told me I had lots of adhesions at my left side and my intestine were wrapped with adhesions which it took him hours to remove them. After surgery again the tubes were placed in my nose (I HATED IT!!!!). I was at the hospital for two weeks.

Now....I have been having adhesion pain again!Adhesions are forming again !!!!!!! I'm so frustrated, depressed and I feel I should move my home "inside" a hospital. Thanks God I can go to the bathroom but I have to be in a diet where I should eat creamy food or liquids like "ensure".

I live in Puerto Rico, divorced with three children. I don't know if I can keep on working when the time goes by and the pain start getting worse, and if again I will have another intestinal obstruction or what will happen to me. I'm going back to work on April 2nd because I have children to feed.

Colette, keep on searching for other doctors to help you. I did not try Milk of Magnesia but am using now "Ultimate Colon Cleanser" from Summer Breeze bought from a local health food store and other medications. This makes me go to the bathroom. I know in the States there is more alternatives than were I live. Is there any medication to control the pain??? I will pray for you and please keep me posted!



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From: "Colette " <> To: "Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS" <> Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2001 9:13 AM Subject: Addicted to Milk of Magnesia?

> I got the weirdest phone call yesterday! It was the first Gi dr. i saw
> which i saw a month ago. I did not like his attitude and so i never
> went back. But the his nurse called to see if i wanted to go through
> with the barium test its the kind you drink and they see how slow your
> colon moves. Anyways i told her no then we got on the subject of the
> milk of mag. and she told me to get off it that i was addicted to it!
> My new gi knows that i taqke 2 tablespoons everynight to help me go
> potty and did'nt seem to care.So last night i figured i'd try to go
> without it well this morning i went a little and thats it although
> yesterday was a bad day and i was'nt feeling well i did'nt eat much and
> my daughter was sick too. And the pain in my leftside seems to be
> getting worse its hurts to even walk most of the time in the morning i'm
> ok but by the end of the day i'm in a lot of pain and its starting a
> little on the rightside too not as bad as the left. I'm so tired of
> dr's telling me its in my head and we have bills up the behind!!! And
> actually since i've been taking milk of mag i'v been going potty real
> well, and even eating pretty good too at least most the time. but i
> still have a lot of pain in my sides. So thats the reason i take it its
> bad enough i have to deal with constant pain at least i have a daily BM.
> I feel i'm doing what i have too to deal! I have three kids that need a
> mom. My mom told me to call my gyn back and tell him about the pain!
> Should i do this? and i've gained 5 lbs drink tons of water and walk as
> much as possible:). I hope all is well take care> Big pain free hugs to
> all.

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