Re: Karen is still recuperating

From: Eileen Rivera (
Sat Mar 24 18:25:47 2001

Hi Karen,

I'm so happy you finally had your surgery and recuperating well. I'm also a adhesion sufferer. Try not to do move heavy things. Now enjoy life to the fullest, enjoy your family. God bless.



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To All My Dear Friends at IAS !!

Just a really short note to say I am home now safe and sound. I stayed in the hospital until late Friday evening, and went back to sleep at the hotel. Hubby and I left at 11:30 a.m., and arrived home in VA around 5 p.m. I have nothing but wonderful compliments to say about Dr. Gerhart and Dr. Redan, and all the staff at the hospital. As well as Gina at Dr. Gerhart's office. So nice and personable.

My surgery went well, although I was shocked to find out that I was truly suffering more than even I knew about. So happy it's all said and done. I will pray that this is finally the end.

Thank you all for your love, support and prayers. I will write more when I am up to it. For now, I love you all !!

Love Karen and Family.

Karen Carter

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