Karen is still recuperating

From: Helen Chalmers (Hchalm@aol.com)
Fri Mar 23 20:18:26 2001

Dear IAS Members:

Karen is still recuperating in the hospital this evening. She is doing fine, but as of yet, hasn't been released. I told her that many of you had sent their blessings and well wishes. She also said that the first thing she is going to do is send a copy of her surgery report to her PCP and GYN. Maybe after her mailing the report we can all send a little how dare you treat a human being in this manner, and if another patient comes to you suffering from ARD I hope that you have learned to treat them in a more understanding and compassionate manner and will not let them suffer the way that you let Karen suffer.

If we could get one attorney to listen and we could file a class action suit against the medical community for the way that they allow the ARD patient to suffer, wouldn't that be grand.

Will keep you posted.


Helen Chalmers

Helen Chalmers

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