Re: second guessing

From: Kathy L. (
Sun Mar 25 11:23:15 2001

At Sun, 25 Mar 2001, Kelly Doucet wrote: >

Dear Kelly:

I understand how you are feeling. I had my doubts before my surgery with Dr. Redan in November. I can only tell you my experience, it was a lot of money, but then again, I wasn't able to work due to the pain. I figured we would just be paying for a long time. It's normal to have second thoughts. I was confident he could help me, but then again, I had been dissappointed in the past with other surgery. I just had to rely on my research and instincts. I felt it was meant to be. No one in my area gave me any hope. I found Dr. Redan through this site. Checked everything out and decided I couldn't live like I was anymore and at least I could try it. I guess if I didn't have the surgery I would always wonder what if. And since it was the least invasive thing I've had so far, I decided to do it. Whatever you decide, we'll be there for you. It is ultimately your decision.

Kathy L.

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