Six Crucial Questions to Ask Your Doctor

From: Helen Dynda (
Sun Mar 25 11:33:13 2001

If your healthcare provider suggests that you have a test or procedure, how do you know if you really need it? Here are the six crucial questions to ask to get the answer. I have not included the answers to these 6 questions here; so be sure to go to the website!!!

[] Six Crucial Questions to Ask Your Doctor....Click on each question for the answer to each questions!!

If a health professional suggests that you have a test, how do you know if the test is appropriate for you or not? Technology has developed at such a fast rate that many doctors find it hard to keep up, and many people don't understand their options. As a result, people may be subjected to tests they don't need or get results that are not accurate for them. This can lead to more tests, more cost and most important of all, unnecessary anxiety and stress.

If a test is suggested for you, here are six simple questions that will help you avoid these pitfalls and get the benefits of appropriate tests without the dangers.

1.) What's the purpose of the test? What do the doctors hope to learn by doing it?

2.) How is the test performed?

3.) Where, and by whom, should it be performed and interpreted?

4.) How accurate is the test?

5.) What are the dangers of doing the test?

6.) Is it really necessary? If so, when?

Once you've gotten these answers, make an informed decision, if you can. If you are uncomfortable with your decision, get a second opinion.

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