From: cmscas (
Sun Mar 25 14:45:01 2001


Today is my first day visiting this site. I heard about it through another site for C-Sections.

I had an emergency C-Section on October 28, 2000. Seven weeks later I was admitted to the hospital to undergo emergency abdominal surgery for a small bowel obstruction, multiple adhesions throughout my entire pelvis, hematomas and my uterus was stuck up high on the pelvic wall.

About three months later, I was again admitted to the hospital for another eight days for an infection. (I have been home for about aweek and a half now and enjoying my four and a half month old!)

My problem is pain. I live with it every day! Doctors say it's to be expected?!?! I don't have another bowel obstruction, so they say I'm okay. They also say that another bowel obstruction could for again in the future, even with no additional surgery. Once you've had these types of adhesions, they can keep coming back.

The only problem I'm having is I don't feel okay. Some days I ache so bad I can't stand it. It's mind numbing. I try so hard to be there for my newborn, but when you are in so much pain, it's tough. On top of that, I feel like I've let my family down. Again, when you are in a lot of pain, it's so hard to keep your mind focused on day-to-day activities. I feel like I drive my husband crazy. I'm afraid he's going to leave me, as I'm not the same person I used to be. I'm also deeply saddened by the prospect that all this has rendered me infertile. I may not get the opportunity to have another child.

Please, to any one out there, am I normal for the way I feel. Has any one experienced these types of feelings?

I would also like to hear success stories out there about those who were told they may have a tough time having more children and were able to acheive a successful pregnancy. (My fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus were full of adhesions and some of my Dr.'s feel another pregnancy may be hard for me)

I look forward to hearing from some of you. I think this site is great and already feel better for having found it. At least I don't feel so crazy that I feel pain despite the medical community telling me there is nothing wrong with me. I now know, I'm not alone.

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