Please can you help!!!

From: Adrian Gray (
Sun Mar 25 15:05:48 2001

Please can you help!!!

Fellow sufferers

Two and a half years ago I had an operation to remove a large tumour from my

small intestine, since then I have had yet another operation to repair two

post operative hernias, I have had continual pain that is particularly bad

for approximately ten to fifteen days a month, as a freelance professional

ballet photographer and designer and it is not possible to say when I will

have a good day or a bad one!

I have a career specific insurance policy with Scottish Amicable European

and they have refused to pay me a penny and keep saying that I will be OK


DAY even though my consultant and his consultant registrar has stated that

it is almost certainly Adhesions and they do not want to operate again as

they feel they would gain nothing, my financial advisor and my GP has also

told the insurance company that I cannot do my profession because of the


and unpredictability of when it will strike, I have also told them many many


I have spent my savings to support myself and my family, I have cashed in my

tessa/peps, I have even asked my mortgage company to refund me the money I

have spent on the house over the last few years, has anyone had a similar

problem with an insurance company over Adhesions? I am still paying 91 a

month to this company and it is slowly driving me under.

Any advice or help would be a great help, I am going to take the matter to

the insurance ombudsman and I need all the evidence I can get my hands on.


Adrian Gray


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