Re: just a quick hello

Mon Mar 26 05:32:30 2001

Hi Toni ") To cut and paste - do you mean cutting and pasting a message? Like an email? If so, try this ok....... With your mouse: Start at the beginning of the message you would like to cut to do this: Click and hold your left click on your mouse, don't let go of the left click on your mouse till you get to the bottom on what you want to cut - this will make the area to be highlighted. Then to paste: Right click on your mouse (on the highlighted area) and you will see many selections but choose paste (in other words - when you right click see the word paste and left click on the word paste) then go to the area you want to paste what you just have "cut" and then click on your left side of your mouse. Then, wala -you are done. I hope this helps and doesn't confuse you even more. ") Love and hugs to you Toni. ~Chrissie Damon xo's

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