Re: just a quick hello

From: toni welsh (
Thu Mar 29 21:39:44 2001

At Mon, 26 Mar 2001, wrote: >
>Hi Toni ")
>To cut and paste - do you mean cutting and pasting a message? Like an email?
> If so, try this ok.......
>With your mouse:
>Start at the beginning of the message you would like to cut
>to do this:
>Click and hold your left click on your mouse, don't let go of the left click
>on your mouse till you get to the bottom on what you want to cut - this will
>make the area to be highlighted.
>Then to paste:
>Right click on your mouse (on the highlighted area) and you will see many
>selections but choose paste
>(in other words - when you right click see the word paste and left click on
>the word paste) then go to the area you want to paste what you just have
>"cut" and then click on your left side of your mouse. Then, wala -you are
>I hope this helps and doesn't confuse you even more. ")
>Love and hugs to you Toni.
>~Chrissie Damon xo's


This cut and paste did not work again I am trying to do this so I can come back to see you girls!


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