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Mon Mar 26 10:41:36 2001

At Mon, 26 Mar 2001, Janet Karam wrote: >So do you think I should consult with my GYN since he was the one who did all the surgeries and knows my history very well? Or should I seek a specialist?
>Dear Destinywants2,
>You will want to try contacting these docs, but be prepared! I bounced
>around from doctor to doctor for almost 3 years...many gastroenerologists,
>family docs, surgeons, gynocolgists, urologist...none of whom were educated
>about adhesions, and their associated pain and dysfunction. Everytime I was
>dismissed with a firm diagnosis of IBS, even though I was very sick...unable
>to eat, poop, with excruciating pain from adhesions, 4th stage endo and gall
>bladder disease.
>I know there have been several from this site who have printed info from the
>archives on this site and taken it to their doctors. It is very important to
>have a copy of all of your medical records, and you may even need an
>advocate from this site to help you get proper medical care and medication
>as I did.
>We will help you in your are not alone!

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>> Do you think I should contact my GYN or Primary Care Doc about this?
>> After reading alot of information about Adhesions I think it best that I
>> get it checked. Thanks..:-)

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