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From: Janet Karam (
Mon Mar 26 15:00:46 2001

Whichever you trust the most, and who will be most willing to believe you, and willing to precribe pain meds and appropriate care. If you ar also having digestive complaints, and a variety of other symptoms, it is better to go with a family doc.

In my case, even though I had documentation and a surgery scheduled, it took a pain advocate volunteer from this site plus a call from my surgeon in PA in order to get my family doc to understand and prescribe appropriate medicines.

If you choose to go to your PC, try to take a copy of your medical records with you.

Keep me posted, and feel free to e-mail me directly.



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> At Mon, 26 Mar 2001, Janet Karam wrote:
> >So do you think I should consult with my GYN since he was the one who did
all the surgeries and knows my history very well? Or should I seek a specialist? > >Dear Destinywants2,
> >
> >You will want to try contacting these docs, but be prepared! I bounced
> >around from doctor to doctor for almost 3 years...many

gastroenerologists, > >family docs, surgeons, gynocolgists, urologist...none of whom were
educated > >about adhesions, and their associated pain and dysfunction. Everytime I
was > >dismissed with a firm diagnosis of IBS, even though I was very
sick...unable > >to eat, poop, with excruciating pain from adhesions, 4th stage endo and
gall > >bladder disease.
> >
> >I know there have been several from this site who have printed info from
the > >archives on this site and taken it to their doctors. It is very important
to > >have a copy of all of your medical records, and you may even need an
> >advocate from this site to help you get proper medical care and
medication > >as I did.
> >
> >We will help you in your are not alone!
> >
> >Love,
> >
> >Janet

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> >> Do you think I should contact my GYN or Primary Care Doc about this?
> >> After reading alot of information about Adhesions I think it best that
I > >> get it checked. Thanks..:-)
> >>

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