Re: what do I do now

Mon Mar 26 17:20:20 2001

Shannon, I am trying to schedule with Dr Gerhart and they told me they would send me an out of town packet with detailed info. How long did it take you to get a surgery date? I'm worried I won;t have enough time. Also, several people have sent me info from this board that has been a trememdous help. Which Dr are you seeing? Is your out of pocket a fortune? I understand your anxiety. I'm one step ( or 2) behind you. >From what I've read on this board and my own independent research, it is well
worth the anxiety and the effort, and expense. I'm sure you'll get plenty of info from our friends who have already been through it. I just spoke with Janet Karem the other day and she is on her road to recovery from surgery in PA. She really helped put my mind at ease. And there were many other, I can;t remember all the names yet. But all angels. hang in there, not too much longer.... love, Kelly Doucet

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