what do I do now

From: Shannon (tkdblk@yahoo.com)
Mon Mar 26 16:41:11 2001

Ok- well, what have I gotten myself into. I have been miserable for almost a year and a half now - now after fighting my docs and ending up finding dr. reich and redan on the internet and with the help of some wonderful people - well - I am freaking out. I have a surgery date - April 30th....to have all adhesions and endo. removed - but I have a million questions. Anyone who has recently went thru this...please let me know...what should I expect? How long will I have to stay in hospital..will I come home the same day. How hard is it to survive in a hotel in a strange place? How terrible am I going to feel. Will they give me pain meds. Are these docs as good as everyone has said...or am I doing wishful thinking?

Any help will be appreciated. Like - what should I take with me on this trip?


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