Re: what do I do now

From: Janet Karam (
Mon Mar 26 19:43:24 2001

Dear Shannon,

We are here for you...don't you worry, there are many here who will walk with you all the way till April 30...I'm so happy you've set your date.

I can only share with you that every moment of everyday is a miracle for me now. Today I pooped(from natural causes) for the first time in years! I've slept the last 2 nights with heating pads, but best of all I feel the joy of living again...I'm so incredibly relieved to be rid of the disease and pain I've been carrying for so long, I would wish what I am feeling on everyone!

I stayed overnight in the hospital one night as did Dee, and Karen, who had surgery the 22nd stayed 2 nights, many get to go back to the hotel the same day.

You can literally see the hospital from the hotel, that's how close it is. The doctors are absolutely wonderful(Dr. Redan came to the hotel to check on me each day, and took his time to go over what was found, and any questions we had), the hotel has 2 beds...I hope you will ask someone to go with you(my mom came with me). We stayed for 4 days after my surgery...I suppose how long you stay depends on how far you have to travel(mine was 10 hours back to Denver, and I was very sore afterwards).

You know you are welcome to e-mail me anytime, I hope I have helped some.

Love and hugs,


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