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From: jenny low (
Tue Mar 27 01:09:29 2001

Dear Raijean,

I believe adhesions can start forming immediately following your surgery. I had my 5th adhesiolysis done on february 16. I have not been free of pain at all. I had some relief of the lower left side pain for maybe a week after the surgery. Then it came back full force and I am now hurting in areas that I didn't have pain in before. I had adhesions this last time along the transverse colon and desending colon and my rectum was being pulled and attached to the top of my vagina. I only felt the pain in my back, down the back of both legs, in the lower left side and into the left groin and thigh prior to my surgery. Now I am feeling the pulling when I make small movements and also experience just pain below my ribs and above my belly button. This is where the transverse colon is. I believe the pain there is due to adhesions reforming there. Sad thing is, even though there were adhesions there before this last surgery I didn't feel them there. There was no pain there. And now after they removed them in this past surgery, now I have pain there. The pain has also come back every where else too but more intense. SO I am waiting to see the pain dr on April 10. We know that since the adhesions keep coming back that that is what the problem is. i am not ready for any more surgeries just yet. I have had 3 in a years time. Maybe in the future I will look into having the surgery again, but I want someone who will maybe do the second look to put my mind at ease so I know that they are not coming back. I hope this helps. I wish I could say that they don't come back. There are some who have gone for 12 years or more between surgeries. So every person and their experience will differ some. I hope you find the answers you are looking for.

Love, Jenny

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>Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 17:33:10 -0600
>hello all!!
> my name is raijean and i am sorry, buti havent posted in a long
>i have been recovering from a hysterectomy (partial) due to endometriosis
>later had a small bowel resection. the resection occured in january because
>had a tumor wrapped around my small intestines. the tumor was benign, thank
>goodness! during the resection, the surgeon removed the tumor (size of a
>baseball), a substantial part of my intestines, my (inflamed) appendix and
>adhesions, which had formed from the hysterectomy (just 8 weeks earlier).
>after i was back on my feet i intially felt great!! however, now i am in
>same pain i was in prior to my procedures. i am working, but only part
>when i am not at work, i am home in bed--too tired to do anything, even to
>for a walk outside. when i have walked, i cant seem to last very
>long......especially without pain. this is not normal! i saw my primary
>physician on friday and we are back to scheduling CAT scans. it has also
>to urinate or pass bowels---just as it did before. does anyone know how
>it takes for the adhesions to return--if they do?? well, feel free to
>respond...i just appreciate all of you listening!!! take
>care--------------raijean (ohio)

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