From: jenny low (
Tue Mar 27 01:19:41 2001

Dear Sally,

You are very important to all of us! Please don't say things like this. Maybe you should try talking with your pastor or get some counseling. You have a sickness that limits you. That is not your fault. Try to get him to read some of the posts. I know this has helped others in the same situations. I can't remember who it was but back in January, someone's husband was going to leave her because he couldn't handle her illness. She had him read some of the posts and his heart changed. I will be praying for you. But please talk to someone about this to help you through this hard time. I am here to if you need to talk.

Love, Jenny

>At Sun, 25 Mar 2001, Sally Grigg wrote:
> >
> >Dea Missy, My husband yells at me when I lay down because I'm not working
>as hard as I should be. Then I cry and he yells more. I wish I were
>dead.Then he works harder and I'm left in agony feeling worthless. No name.

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