Re: woe is me

From: cmscas (
Tue Mar 27 07:26:18 2001

I can feel for you. I was hospitalized about two weeks ago for an infection. (My last surgery was 12/15/00) I had to have TWO colonoscopies during my eight day stay! I hate that prep stuff. I joked with the nurses and told them they should make prisoners go through that torture. It would certainly make them stop breaking the law!

Hang in there. I hope all goes well!

At Mon, 26 Mar 2001, Kelly Doucet wrote: >
>I am in the middle of my bowel prep for my colonoscopy. I look and feel
>pregnant. I am about to gag this stuff and I am feeling very sorry for
>myself. I am waiting for my lortab to kick in! AAHH!!! This vacuums
>:):):)My timer just went off - time to choke down 8 more oz. Pray I
>keep it down.
>Thanks yall for listening to my less than pleasant details and

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