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Tue Mar 27 17:57:03 2001

Clear DayTrace, I wish Suze the best of luck with her surgery. I hope you are feeling better, too. I can't get any mail sent because the server is having problems, and I'm about to become a real headbanger. Pity the poor walls. Millie

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Hi Everyone,

A special hello to all those new faces from all of us, down under ;-)) I have made a lot of friends from this board, that really understand what I rave on about LOL I am still pain free hooahh, but today is a particularly hard day for me.

One of the very first friends I made here, has become quite dear to me. Suze is being operated on today ;-)) To say that I am beside myself, is an understatement. I am very very disappointed that I couldn't be with her. I tried to get a rail ticket to no avail. There was just no seats for me. Because I have just had surgery not that long ago, I can't pay for an air ticket to see her or anything, I'm still paying medical bills. Kind of feel so helpless. I really wanted to be there. Suze rang me and told me not to worry, that we would be talking heaps .. not the same as being able to hold her hand and give her a hug, get those nurses moving kinda thing ;((

Suze has a frozen bowel from adhesions, and after a lot of searching for a doctor that would even touch her, she found Dr. Fielding. What a wonderful compassionate man he is too. I am very optimistic about the outcome, and feel that it can only get better. Her quality of life now, revolves around her excruitiating pain, injections and drugs. How much of a toll do these drugs place on someone's body? Her operation will take no less than six hours . ay yi yi.. I'll be skitzo by then.

The doctors will be putting in barriers, and this is the first time they have tried to totally free the bowel of her adhesions, yet, she hardly ever complains, that's Suze style.

I am really starting to realise what it must be like on the "other" side of my problems. I am now in the same shoes as Suze's wonderful partner. Worried, anxious, nervous, scared ... and most of all "helpless".

Keep Suze in your thoughts today, and message away, Suze will receive all emails ;-)) (She has her computer at the hospital) hehe.

And any attempts to keep me sane, well sane is such a liberal word LOL keep me company I should say, will be most appreciated.

Your pain pal Trace xo

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