Re: woe is me

From: Millie (
Tue Mar 27 18:19:26 2001

kellyd, That Colyte is awful. Not so much the taste, but the fact they tell you to drink the whole gallon. I could only ever finish half of it. I never told them. I hope everything goes well for you. Millie

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  I'm taking Colyte.  The stuff you have to dring an entire gallon!  It's so
  nasty.  I couldn't do the phospho soda because they require you take dulcolax
  with it, and that kills me.  Enough to opt for this, it doen't cramp you up
  too bad, it just tastes so gross.  But I do have some helpful hints...  drink
  it cold with a straw and have something to chase it with, like gatorade, then
  I've been drinking hot tea in between to help with the chills and nausea.
  I'm almost finished and still haven't gone!
  Last time I didn't have to drink nearly this much before everything came out
  clear, then I could stop.  I look and feel like I'm now 8 months pregnant and
  my stomach is hard as a rock.
  I'm miseralble:(

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