Head Up Young Person

From: niko (nicko69@dingoblue.net.au)
Wed Mar 28 02:24:05 2001

Clear DayHello everyone ;-))

Thankyou so much Jo, for posting for me, I have been a really busy girl today !! It's my Mum's birthday today and all ;-)

I just had to correct a few things, I know I spoke to Jo in such a rush out the door, sorry bout that Jo !

Suze's liver was folded but only in one corner of it.. it was definately adhered everywhere, and some Seprafilm was put up around the liver. They lysed the adhesions down the bowel, however decided not to go into the lower bowel as the specialist felt most of the pain would have been caused from the liver. Suze's incision is quite large, and because she had a laparatomy on Feb 12th, she will take a while to recover. What a fighter she is.

She is still understandably in a lot of pain, so we won't really know a true outcome until a few week's time ;-))

As they said on a movie last night ... Head Up Young Person !!!!!

Love Ya Suze, Trace xo

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