Re: Chi Yoga? Something i heard on TV last night................For Pain

From: Ellen Eggers (
Wed Mar 28 11:59:00 2001

Hi, Colette and everyone. I didn't see this program, but I think that other names for this "Chi yoga" might be "Chi Gong," "Qi Gong," "Chi (or Qi) Kung," and--I've even heard--"Chinese Yoga." If it's the same thing I'm thinking of, I highly recommend it for pain management. The movements are, to me, gentler than those of yoga, and there are some forms that particularly target internal organs. It works on the same principle as acupuncture: that our energy (or Qi (or Chi)) flows along meridians. Like acupuncture, Qi Gong helps to keep these meridians open. It is also meditative (like yoga), and is often called "Mind/body healing." There are many forms of it, and some are particularly designed for people in pain and are unable to do strenuous exercise, but it is not easy to find teachers in the US; I have had some success by calling local dojos where martial arts are practiced and taugh although Qi Gong (which translates as "Energy Work") is not in any way martial. There are also some very good books and tapes on the subject, so it isn't hard to teach yourself. If I can be of any help in recommending some of these, please don't hesitate to e-mail me privately. Good luck. Ellen

At Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Colette wrote: >
>Last night as i lay in bed i was watching TV. The news actually and it
>was about a gentleman that suffered an accident a yr ago. Well i guess
>he got into Chi yoga, and he said it has helped him alot. I guess what
>it does is channel your bodies energy and its suppose to help with pain.
>I just thought i would share this cause so many of us are in pain. I'm
>going to check into this some more! I live in tempe AZ and this chi yoga
>is in pheonix. I found this to be interesting>>> Maybe this could help
>more of us that are in a lot of pain. Just a thought> Big pain free
>hugs to all:).


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