Re: Scan, Save & Upload to quilt!

From: Jean Long (
Wed Mar 28 12:36:04 2001

You better print these instructions if you have a printer.

SCANNING TO PROGRAM AND SAVING: 1. Scan your photo from what-ever program you use to do scanning. 2. File - Save as (a Save Drawing window opens)- Save wherever you want to (remember where) OR follow instructions below to make a folder and a file. I saved mine as a .JPG file. MAKING FOLDER TO SAVE FILES TO: 4. Make sure C-Drive (or drive of choice) is showing in the "Save in" white rectangle at top of window. (if not, click on arrow to select it). 5. Click on the "Yellow Folder w/ Star" (to right of "save in" white area). It will create a folder for you. The folder will be highlighted for you to name it. Name it something like "My Photos" or whatever you prefer. 6. Double click on this folder to open it. 7. Type a name for your file or photo in the "File Name" area (expl.: my photo). 8. Click arrow alongside of "Save as Type", choose a file type from pull-down (I used .JPG). 9. Click "save" (where save or cancel buttons are). 10. Close out of your program.

It is now saved to your computer's hard-drive in the area and folder you created.

UPLOAD TO QUILT 1. There is an area on the edit area of your quilt that says up-load photo (toward bottom). 2. Click the "Browse" button. 3. Click on the arrow alongside "Look in" white area at top of window that opened. 4. Select "C-Drive" - Select the yellow folder you made (My Photos?) - Select the file you made (my photo?). 5. Click "open" and it will upload you photo to the quilt.

Good luck, any other questions or problems feel free to contact me.


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OK Jean, how did you do this? Scan your picture to what, where?

>You can now upload your photos to the quilt.
>I received a response to my post about it not allowing us to upload and
>he fixed it. My photo is on my quilt.
>It was uploaded as a .JPG file.
>JEAN (from PA)

Helen Chalmers

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