Re: how to grin and bare it???

From: Wally (
Thu Mar 29 01:13:51 2001

Hey Kelly It's 3am there, but only 6pm here in Australia, so you are never alone, there is someone awake somewhere able to listen or answer questions for you honey.

It is hard to be hurting, and to try and function within your family.

Kelly, I use a journal, and I encourage each of my children to keep one too. We write messages to each other and to ourselves. It just seems to help everyone come to terms with this disease. It effects everyone, friends and family included.

Kelly I am on ICQ my #36199985 give me a yell if I can help. I also have msn messanger & will know as soon as you send me an email.

Hang in there Kelly, your family need you and love you. Cheers & hugs, Jo

At Thu, 29 Mar 2001, Kelly Doucet wrote: >
>My dear new friends,
>I am writing this at 3am, hurting and cramping and indulging in big time
>self pity. After a long, fight/talk with my husband I have come to
>realize that I need to find a way to get control and start participating
>in my family. I have shut down with this pain and have nothing left for
>them except bad moods and complaints. They deserve better. So I sit at
>my computer at 3am while veryone is asleep and hurt, and moan and groan
>to my new friends who understand what I'm going through. So I have 2
>months to be a big girl and wait for relief.
>Thanks for listening. I feel as though yall have saved my life.

You will never never know.......if you don't give it a go :)

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