Re: how to grin and bare it???

Thu Mar 29 04:49:06 2001

Hi Kelly,

I can vouch for being in pain at 3 a.m., I was once there. I am now one week post-op from Scranton PA, and have nothing but good things to say about Dr.'s Redan and Gerhart. Very compassionate doctor's and love what they are doing. Otherwise, I am sure they wouldn't be doing it. The entire staff at the hospital are all superb as well. You have nothing to fear from your surgery. Only good positive thoughts !! I will keep you in my paryers until your surgery, and post-op also. Don't worry, we are all here for each other. My hubby was a great support, and once my family understood the disease, they were 100% behind me also...they were always there, but it took an understanding to really realize the outcome, when my parents spoke face to face with the Doctor's then and only then did they realize the full impact of what I had truly been going through for two years.

Take care and write anytime to me at

Love in Health,

Karen Carter

Karen Carter

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