Re: Things I learned yesterday

From: Rose Lunn (
Fri Mar 30 07:30:05 2001

Dear Jenny,

Thank god you have an understanding gyn dr., too! Mine gave me pain meds too....when I told him my internist only gave me a handfull and said to take one or two a DAY, he said ' well, isn't that generous of her' !

I call on Monday to get the test results and he and I will decide together where to go from there. So, I am better able to handle the pain with the meds and able to work, although I don't do much more than that. My house is a mess!

My husband was also in a wreck on Wed. He's ok, but his new truck isn't. He had waited 16 years for that truck and now it's crunched after having it two days. Poor man, first he has to put up with me and now he's waiting to hear if his dream truck can be fixed. I spent all day yesterday consoling felt good to have the tables turned, if only for a day!

I'll keep you close in my heart and pray for a cancellation! Hang in there, sweetie!

Virtual hugs to you all!

kcmo rose

At Fri, 30 Mar 2001, jenny low wrote: >
>Dear Rose,
>I seem to remember reading in my surgical report from my hysterectomy that
>they removed the cervix as well. I will have to ask them about that. My gyn
>has been very wonderful in refilling my pain meds until my appointment with
>the pain management doctor. Thank GOD he has too because I have been in alot
>of pain. It seems that most of the adhesions problems now are with my
>intestines. The only thing my gyn did in the last surgery was unattach my
>rectum from the top of the vagina. The surgeon did everything else. The pain
>dr's office said if there was any cancelations they would call me in sooner.
>So pray for a cancellation.
>It's not too much longer now. I have waited alot longer than this and
>without pain meds. SO I think I can endure. I have to.
>I hope you are doing well and are pain free. Thank you and everyone else for
>their unending support. I love you all!
>>From: (Rose Lunn)
>>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>>Subject: Re: Things I learned yesterday
>>Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 08:35:43 -0600
>>I don't have any female organs! But if I know my Gyn, he'll find some
>>way to to the exploratory lap himself! Maybe he'll say that he thinks my
>>cervix is involved, my internist said even if they take everything else,
>>they usually leave the cervix.
>>He is really upset with my internist. Not only did she not want to deal
>>with my pain, she didn't have the sonagram done on my pelvic area when
>>she did my abdomen, she hasn't been sending me for mamograms either! I
>>wish I could get a copy of the letter he plans to send her! He's
>>diplomatic most times, but he can also be quite sarcastic. I call him
>>next week to get the results of his blood tests and the CT scan. THen
>>WE'll decide what to next. My doctor, my partner....what a concept!
>>I know that Mary Wade has gone through pain mgmt, but I've never gotten
>>around to asking her what is involved. Can't you get in any sooner?
>>It's sheer h--- when you have to wait arouond when you're in pain!
>>And what is it with some surgeons? The one that did my appendectomy
>>acted just like yours! He did the surgery but his partners did all the
>>after care. They didn't believe me 3 weeks after the surgery when I
>>told them I was still in pain either.
>>Stay strong. Here comes a virtual hug!
>>kcmo rose
>>At Wed, 28 Mar 2001, jenny low wrote:
>> >
>> >Dear Rose,
>> >
>> >Wow! This is wonderful! You know I experienced the almost exact thing you
>> >did. I went and saw my gyn for my 3 week post op and when I told him I
>> >still in pain, he called the surgeon that did most of the surgery and
>> >sent me over for a STAT CT. The only bad thing with me is that I had a
>> >last June so I have nothing left but a vagina. So I am now considered
>> >of a general surgery patient. I hate this because my gyn has taken care
>> >me for 11 years. He has always listened to me and never doubted when I
>> >him I was in pain. And now that I have no female organs left I can't go
>> >him for the adhesions. And I am not real fond of the surgeon that helped
>> >him. I never saw him in his office before surgery. I met him in the
>> >holding area. I never saw him after my surgery either. I saw his 2
>> >colleagues. And the day I had the CT I was supposed to go directly to his
>> >office and see him. I saw his colleague. Then they were supposed to call
>> >on Monday or Tuesday with the results of the CT. I called them Wednesday
>> >because I hadn't heard from him. He still hadn't looked at the films.
>> >said if I hadn't heard from him by the next Monday to call them. Well I
>> >They were supposed to call me later that afternoon, well guess what? They
>> >didn't. SO I called them Tuesday. He still hadn't looked at the films.
>> >nurse promised me he would call that day. Well he didn't call, she
>> >The CT was normal, of course, adhesions don't show on those. When I
>> >telling her it was not in my head. SHe said she knew that and that they
>> >believed adhesions caused pain. And I started asking her questions. SHe
>> >asked me if I would like to talk to the surgeon. I said that would be
>> >So she put him on the phone and he said there was nothing surgically that
>> >could do for me. He thought I should see a pain dr and get the pain under
>> >control so I could have a life again. Then he put her back on the phone.
>> >When I asked what I should do if I ran out of pain meds, could I call
>> >for a refill you know what they did? Told me I would have to go through
>> >gyn. The surgeon had called me in a prescription on the Monday of the
>> >that I talked to them. Do you know how many they called in? Ten. Ten
>> >pain pills. My gosh I could go through those in 3-4 days. And that is
>> >exactly what happened. So my gyn is so wonderful that they told me they
>> >would refill until I got into see the pain dr. I go there April 10. I
>> >hate that I can't use my gyn any more though. I trust him so much. And

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