From: Kara (
Fri Mar 30 22:46:38 2001

I had a laproscopic hysterectomy back in 1999, and was able to keep my tubes and ovaries (because I am only in my early 30's). Eight months later, I was back into the doctor, in excruciating pain, with a small cyst on one of my ovaries, and the doctor did the ultrasound and pretty much made me decide I should have the rest taken out. That was in Feb 2000. The past few months, I have been experiencing the similar kind of pain in my abdomen. When the doctor removed my tubes and ovaries, he said I was literally "filled" with adhesions, and had to remove them from my small bowel, and even a couple heading up towards my liver. I am under the impression these do not just go away do they? I'm afraid I'm looking at another surgical procedure down the road, but I was never told anything about this before. Any suggestions you may have would be much appreciated. Please email me. Thank you!

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