Re: Help, It happened again..

From: Todd Palmer (
Fri Mar 30 22:21:06 2001

Regina, I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time. You have to remember that you are NOT alone. We all can and do feel your pain. It sounds like you are at the end of your rope. I think I know where you stand on the subject, but it might be time to put your personal feelings aside and reconsider the doctors in PA. Just think about this for a minute. You have to consider how not only you but your child, husband, career, LIFE, could benefit from surgery with them. You read Karen's tragically painful story and how bad her insides were (no offense Karen-you are a success story!). Now she has her life back, her husband has his wife back, but most importantly in my book, her kids have their mom back. However you found this website, it was meant to be. Something lead you here even if you stumbled on it by accident. Try to use the information you have received and the stories we have all shared to your advantage. If I was in the exact same situation as you are now, NOTHING would stop me from calling the PA docs. I KNOW that someday I too will have to go see them. I am holding off as long as I can. I am the only one who knows how much pain I can tolerate. Only I can make the decision when it's time to go. When you reach that point of no return, then you too will make whatever decision you feel is necessary. Life is too short Regina and our kids grow up too fast. None of us want our kids to have childhood memories of us being in pain all of the time. As far as the money up front goes, I have no idea how I will come up with that kind of money either but by God I will get it somehow. It's less than the price of a car. We take loans out for cars, home improvements, vacations, college, get the picture. My mother has taught my sisters and me "Where there's a will, there's a way" and I have always applied it to anything I want bad enough. Anything worth having is worth making sacrifices for. Please don't think I am being hateful. If I didn't care about you and everyone else on the board, I would have kept my mouth shut. I think sometimes we want answers (I have the world's worst when it comes to this) but we don't like to hear what we need to hear. Sometimes because I am soooo stubborn I need a swift kick to make me see the light! Just ask my husband! Consider this a very gentle nudge honey. I hate to see someone I care about in pain. Please just think about it. We are all here to support eachother. We might not always agree but that's what makes us special and unique! If I can do anything to help, please let me know. Everything will be ok! Big Pain Free Hugs To You Regina!!!! Love Lisa :0)

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