Re: Help, It happened again..

Sat Mar 31 08:30:42 2001

I thank you very much for your support but unfortunately I burned every bridge I had with the docs in Scranton. My pain from all of this has really affected my thinking--it has caused me to say many desperate and harmful things. I am afraid that even if I did seek treatment from them a.) there really is no money, none to borrow none to raise for my surgeries and illness has tapped us out and it is no longer fair to put my family in more debt. b.)they will not accept me, even if I would write my opinion and retraction in blood for them c.) if they did take me after all I am afraid I would wake up a man-they were pretty mad at me. I used to have your sense of hope and courage, but this last doctor took what was left in me. I woke up this morning and for that split second before total consciousness I thought I was better, but then I totally awake and another day of misery starts. I do however have a seven year old son who totally keeps me going. He is always happy and vibrant. Without him, life wouldn't have much meaning at all. I know I have to keep going for him, but how? I guess I have to start at square one, all over again..I don't know if I have the strength. Thanks Again. Regina T.

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