Help, It happened again..

From: Regina T. (
Fri Mar 30 19:29:04 2001

I really cannot believe I actually had it happen again. I was referred to a prominent doctor/surgeon by my GI and waited weeks to see him. Upon my initial office visit he immediately admitted me into Temple University Hospital and stated he could help me and sees people with adhesions all the time. He proceeded to repeat all of the GI tests(?) I have had recently. I told them I had all of them last week but they said they wanted to do them again. They also took me to the short procedure unit and inserted a central line. I really thought I was on the right track with this one. Well, after seven days by myself in a hospital where I know no one and my family cannot visit me due to the distance, the "prominent" doc, whom I hadn't seen since my admission, arrives to tell me that he is not going to do anything further for me. He isn't going to do surgery or ANYTHING! At first I was in shock, then I just cried and asked why?? He knew what my problem was going into this. He simply stated "YOUR CONDITION IS NOT LIFE THREATENING" and I asked what about my quality of life? He said" YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE IS NOT MY CONCERN" He then, get this, put out his hand like I would shake it. That's it, discharged. Pain management will see you before you go. Which they did-duragesic patch and some drug they use for parkinsons disease. I don't want to deal with pain docs anymore, I don't want the pain anymore, I can't take the pain anymore!!!Why, why, why won't anyone listen. So now I sit here at home, haven't stopped crying, in the middle of limbo. Why was my time wasted? This did it, I am done. I have lost jobs and precious time with my child. My marriage is barely there anymore. No one believes me about adhesion pain or even thier ability to cause such pain. I don't know where else to turn, I am truly tired. I was forced, not by my choice, to leave school for a semester on a academic leave due to medical condition. I truly now have nothing. Oh yeah, I tried the "patch" I heard it really helped some people, I woke up at three oclock with hives all over me and I was having a hard time breathing. Of course, I am allergic to the adhesive. One more strike against me. I know we are all supposed to be strong and supportive, and god knows I have tried to help people in my own way, but maybe now everyone will truly understand my bitterness towards the medical community and docs who don't understand adhesions and their sufferers. I am sure R&R will love to hear that I was shot down so severely by another doc. Hey, this one took my insurance but wouldn't help me. Then there are some who will help me, but won't take my insurance and want cash up front. Ugly cycle here, and in the mean time I am truly afraid for myself. Regina T.

Regina T.

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