Hello to all out of St.Maarten

From: Pascale Vlaun (nevinvlaun@megatropic.com)
Sat Mar 31 19:00:23 2001

Hello all,

It has been a long time since I actually posted a message on the board. So first my apologies to everybody who did not hear from me in a long time,the truth is that I did not have the strenght nomore to do anything. I have been thinking about everybody and hoping that everybody was doing all right, but I was just to caught up in my own misery to actually post a message on the board. The people who know me know that I have been fighting with the insurance and government of the Island Sint Maarten, where I live. Why...everything was scheduled for a surgery in Germany, they promised me their financial support and a week before I was to leave they turned me down and left me stranded. This was the beginning of March, since then I have been in the hospital twice again for pain treatment and I am still fighting for my rights! But honestly: I can't nomore, I am too tired, the pain is too bad and my life is going down the drain every day a little bit further. It's just too much to life like this and not knowing when it will eas a little bit. So, I know that if don't take a decision soon on what I am going to do and when I will be leaving for Germany, I might not make it at all! Sorry everybody, I am just having some difficulties finding the strenght to continue with life!

So I better make a decision tomorrow and go do what I have to do. To everybody: God bless,take care and never give up!

Regards, Pascale Vlaun St Maarten

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