From: Michael Murray (
Sat Mar 31 13:51:27 2001

Jackie, Are you still having problems with numbness? Did you find out why? My arm and hand are getting worse at being numb. Today this has gotton worse. I only have it on left side. How about yours? When I woke up this a.m. I had this deep pain in middle of stomache and I blacked out, my hand and arm a very numb at this point but do not want to go to Dr. I am having surgery in Pa. next month and I do not want to go to any Drs. until then. Could this possibly be from adhesions or ? pressing on a nerve? Does any one else besides us have this? Kel

jackie burgess wrote:

> hi everybody,
> just reading email from michael murrray and would like to know abit more
> about the numbness they have mentioned.
> several times now for no apparent reason my left arm goes completely numb
> and i cant use it, this always seems to be when i am in excruciating pain
> from ARD left hand side of abdomen, can anyone explain WHY??? It really is
> frightening at times.
> thankyou
> (stickybits)
> Jackie B england

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