Re: My Birthday Wish

From: clare (
Wed Aug 14 17:20:46 2002

Dear Mike:

Please check the email address that you originally intended to send this message to. It was sent to the International Adhesions Society forum, and I don't think that this is where you intended to send it.

I hope you get through to Montel and get on the show. Happy Birthday, and good luck!


At Sat, 10 Aug 2002, Mike Schilling wrote: > >Dear Montel: >My name is Mike Schilling and I live in Holmen Wis. with my family. I >am 17 years old and will be a senior in High School. I have a >disability called Spina Bifida, which affects my spine so I have to use >a wheelchair to get around. >The reason I am writing this letter is I have a Birthday wish I would >like you to help make it come true. My wish is to meet 16 year old >singer Charlotte Church on your show. > > P.S. My Birthday is October 19

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