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From: Bo Wimmer (
Wed Aug 21 14:23:10 2002

Now, remember something about Morphin. It can crystalize in your system and it is not good for long term use. Many many people are now addicted. I have worked in the medical field since I was 18 and I specialized in medication for 3 years. Try Ambian to go to sleep with. It is a controlled but less evasive on your system. It will knock you out in 15 minutes so be close to your bed. It only stays in your system for 4 hours thus making it easier to get up. Your body builds up tolerances to medications such as Vicodin. This is why it is not as effective as before. I personally took some more evasive measures towards my adhesions. First I had a tummy tuck which removed a ton of the pain/adhesions and bundles nerves, then I had laproscopy for the endometriosis. I am scheduled once every 3 years to be scoped to keep things clean and pretty much pain free.

I have a 13,000 hospital bill from visiting the ER on an every other day basis. They would drug me up and send me home never really taking the real deep pain away just making me feel drugged and tired so I would sleep the pain away. That is called masking and what you need to do is deal or handle your pain from its source.

Endometrosis or adhesions can cause pain like you are in labor. That pain is most likely coming from elevated pitosin in your body. Pitosin is the hormone that makes you labor to have a baby. You have to stop the production to stop the pain. Another good pitosin inhibitor is Toridal.

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I am always giving Vicodin...It helps somewhat, but not for sleeping at night. I take two of them at night and still wake up about 2 hours later with pain.

Now I went to the ER on Sunday nite, and they gave me shots of morphine. And I can honestly say, that is the first thing that has worked for me. Took my pain completely away...It was the best night sleep I have had in 7 months. I actually slept all nite long, instead of just intervels if 2 hours.

Warm and Soft Huggggz


At Wed, 21 Aug 2002, Stephanie wrote: >
>Just curious about what pain medication is the most effective? I had
>laparoscopy June 2000 which removed some adhesions and an ovarian cyst.
>Now, two years later, it's started back up. For me, over the counter
>medications do absolutely nothing. I have also been on Darvocet which
>didn't do much either. On a recent visit to the ER for a sprained
>ankle, I was given Vicoden which not only helped my ankle, but helped
>the pelvic pain. I have an appointment with my doctor in a couple of
>weeks and was hoping to have some insight on something specific to ask
>for. Thanks.

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