Re: No help with Adhesions

From: Lori (
Fri Aug 30 16:37:07 2002

Hi Melissa,

yes this sounds like adhesions still. And I have also been told that there isnt anything they can do

Where do you live? I know here on this site there is a list of doctors that are adhesion specialist. They are in Newyork and Pennsylvania

Please give your mom Warm Painfree hugggz for me And let her know she is not alone

At Fri, 30 Aug 2002, Melissa wrote: >
>My mom has had 4 surgeries for adhesions. Most took place twelve years
>ago after a hysterectomy. However, the most recent was in March. Her
>surgeon said the adhesions were extensive. After the surgery she went
>to his office for follow up visits and stated that her internal incision
>was extremely sore. She also was not having normal bowel movements, he
>stated that this was all normal. This pattern continued up until
>August. In mid August we had to return to the ER because she was having
>severe pain in her abdomin and vomitting. They have done every type of
>test, scopes, cat-scans, MRi's and can not find an obstruction. No
>surgeon wants to do surgery they all say that without proof of an
>obstruction it may not be beneficial. However, at this point my mom
>knows that there is something ripping or pulling. She describes it as a
>pulling, ripping or burning in her abdomin. She is going to be released
>from the hospital and sent home on narcotics. They say that there is
>nothing else they can do. Can anyone help with a surgeon, we are
>desperate at this time and would like a surgeon who is experienced in
>either the barrier or gel as an possibility.
>A distressed family

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