Re: Oxycontin...To Sally, Patty, and Tonya

From: Jenny (
Sat Feb 1 04:04:25 2003

I just wanted to thank all of you for responding to my post about the oxycontin. It really has eased my mind alot! I started taking the oxycontin around the beginning of last summer. I took 10mg twice a day. My pain management doctor just increased it last visit to 3 times a day. I also take Zanaflex 4mg 3 times a day. He prescribed me Sonata 10mg to help me sleep at night. It works pretty well but I think I am building a resistance to it because it hasn't helped me sleep lately. It could be the fact that I have been in more pain the last couple of weeks though. I just can't seem to get comfy enough to sleep. ANyway, about the oxycontin, when my hubby's friend told him it was derived from heroin and considered poor man's heroin, that freaked me out a bit. BUt you are right, I am only taking it because I am to the point of getting up out of bed, and moving to the couch. Sometimes I get a little more active. I went to a movie and to eat with my honey tonight! Thank God for good honeys! You were talking about the pain meds making you more talkative, well they do that to me too. Ted says that I get alot more loveable too. I'm always loveable, but I get even more so when my medicines kick in. I think it is because I am tense from the pain and when I start feeling better, I go back to the real me. The one thing is when I first started taking the Sonata I would start saying crazy things. I fell asleep while eating banana chips with tehm half hanging out of my mouth. When my kids said something to me about it I told them I was saving some for them. Then a few minutes later I sat up and looked at my son and said I'm gonna kiss you between them big 'ole brown eyes. They said I sounded like a hick truck driver. Well, I am a hick so that wasn't too hard. At first I really didn't believe them when they told me that I had said that. But I am sure now that I did. Sometimes I take Benadryl to help me sleep if the Sonata doesn't work, especially when I am having problems with my allergies too. Well I guess it was my time to ramble on. Anyway, thank you all for your responses.

Love and hugs, Jenny

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