This leg//groin pain is killing me.

From: Tish (
Sat Feb 1 10:12:31 2003

Good Morning everyone...i hope and pray that you are all somewhat comfy...looks like i have alot of catching up to Well about me..i have been in bed because of this DVT..and when i sit i hurt so bad i can hardly even stand it. I was supposed to have a Drs appt yesterday with the vascular Dr but he was called in to emergency surgery so...i will hopefully go on Monday. Its very weird because before i got the DVT i was totally unable to lay down because it made the adhesion pain sooo much worse. Now i have to just deal with the adhesion pain because the leg/groin pain is so horrific it is unreal. i dont ever get any actual total relief from the leg / groin pain either. While i can get some relief from the adhesion pain...seems like pain meds are pain meds and they would work wherever your pain is at...but not so..this pain is like no other pain i have ever felt..and my foot the top of it is turning brownish almost black i know the blood flow is restricted somewhere. i just hope these Drs are not fooling around and causing me permanent damage in my foot. My kids are really worrying about the discoloration but i cant force these drs to do anything..They are just doing what they gotta they see fit...but after having dealt with ARD stuff for so long my faith and trust in them is not so great. Boy ive sure missed reading about whats going on with everyone for the past few days but i have gotten my laptop back up and running now so now ill get to reading ..making up for lost time on the message board. I have been spending lots and lots of time...praying for everyone and praying praying praying...for all of my time was not wasted at all..

Well i am going to start reading and trying to help anyone i can..and hopefully replying some.. God Bless Us All... Hugs and Love Tish

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