Re: This leg//groin pain is killing me./to Tish

From: linda garcia (
Sat Feb 1 14:29:08 2003

Hey girl,

I guess it is not going so good on your end? I am sorry to hear that. I wa just gonna ask if these docs have you taking coumadin or another blood thinner? It is the most important thing. What kind of meds are you taking? Did you get a chance to see any of the web sites I sent ya on the DVT? I know I am bombarding you but I am really concerned as I have watched one of my best friends suffer from the same thing. She takes darvocet for her pain, which she says isn't the best. But she will only take the med when she can't stand the pain anymore, instead of using them regularly to keep the meds built up in her system.

hang in there sweetie, we are all here for you,

Love ya bunches


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