Re: Help - Chronic Adhesions

Sat Feb 1 19:08:22 2003

<PRE>hi my name is julie my bladder bowel and colon are adhered and they hurt like crazy, i also have 4 herniated discs in my back from an old car accident along with bursitis and arthritis i'm 37 yrs old had lapro in june also had a cyst and polyp in bladder had skin cancer 2 yrs ago i fully understand however i don't feel pain or depression medicine works i feel you build up an immunity and there are so many other side effects, i take an advil or motrin every now and then but mainly saok in warm bath at night heating pads, massages, refelexology massage of the feet fr your trigger points all this helps and trying to keep a positive attitude that things could always be worse any way prayers to u and hope this helps take care julie in li ny

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