Re: Chronic fever

Sat Feb 1 19:02:04 2003

<PRE>i had chronic fevers for over a yr they also treated with antibiotics i also had night sweats enlarged lymphnodes and spleen they had to stop treating with antibiotics because my body became immune and now unfortunately doesn't respond to any i had laproscopic surgery in june had an ovarian cyst and i have my bladder bowel and part of my colon adhered together and also had lots of scar tissue which was removed from an old appendectomy i believe the fevers were from my adhesions because nothing was penetrating through my system i haven't had alot of fevers since june i feel the scar tissue and cyst attributed alot to it plus chronic urinary tract infections i am a melanoma survivor for two yrs now and they also did a bone marrow biopsy last oct which says its hypercellular with dyspoesis good luck and god bless i fully sympathize with u your friend julie in li

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