Re: Stomach Bloating - Can Adhesions Cause This?

From: Janette (
Sun Feb 2 17:47:15 2003

At Wed, 19 Jun 2002, Kim M wrote: >
>I've experienced this for quite some time now. I've been given a
>diagnosis of IBS, which I do have, but I've been trying to explain to
>the docs that this is different!
>I've had all the tests, colonscopy (2x), MRI's, catscans, endoscopy,
>small bowel series, xrays, etc. Nothing was found but a small case of
>gastritis. Yet I continue to swell and bloat and it's become VERY
>I recently went to an Osteopathic doctor who ran numerous tests. Allergy
>tests, took stool samples, etc. She's found that I'm allergic to
>numerous foods and have a raging yeast infection in my intestines.
>I'm now on a very restricted diet and am taking some different
>supplements to try and kill the yeast off.
>It's helped some and I've lost 6 lbs. I do still have pains from what I
>suspect is adhesions, but unfortunately can't find a doc who is willing
>to listen or check it out.
>I'm very small framed but look like I'm 6 months pregnant.
>Oh, doc also found that my immune system and adrenals are all out of
>whack. She said probably from the trauma of what I've been thru these
>last 3 years trying to find answers to my pain.
>Good luck. Tummy problems on top of the adhesions are horrible.
>Kim M
>At Tue, 18 Jun 2002, Barb wrote:
>>I have had bloating for three months. Today it is terrible - it feels
>>inches bigger and so bad that I almost can't take in a full breath. It
>>feels like my insides are swollen, that something is pulling on them.
>>Has anyone experienced this?

Kim, have you had an upper GI with follow through to the small bowel (barruim test)? I was diagnosed with IBD for six years while I suffered with pain and bloating. I wasn't diagnosed with crohn's until My small Bowel became obstructed

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