Re: Susie from Karla

From: K Nygren (
Sun Feb 2 19:38:52 2003

Susie, I will definitely pray that you can avoid the hospital. Drink lots of cranberry really does work! I drink the Ocean Spray white cranberry and peach. There isn't much of a cranberry bite to it and its very good. I'm not getting much sleep either, although I had naps yesterday and today. I am taking a pill to help me sleep, but it doesn't work very well. I am waking at the latest every morning. Lately I have been waking at midnight and am unable to return to sleep. I just lie in my bed and watch movies. I try not to focus on having to be hospitalized again. I have rethought my wish to not be rescusitated (sp?). I have established new guidelines, actually quite a bit broader than I ever thought I would want, even though my doctor told me on Friday that it was quite likely that this would occur again and again and be as bad as it was. I don't really want to have to be on a respirator again, nothing more than 3 days, but my doctor told me that 3 days is not realistic. If they had removed the respirator at 3 days I would have died. I have such mixed feelings about all of this, but I know how precious my daughter and grandchildren are to me. I have the most beautiful granddaughters (you can visit our sites below my signature...although they are a little outdated) and a grandson to be born in the end of April. I have a lot ahead of me, so for now I will fight all I can. I can't say that if it happens again I won't change my mind, but for now I can and will continue to fight. You take care of yourself and God Bless.


**Soaring with my angel**

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