Re: Desperately need your help!!!!!!!!

From: winged phantom (
Mon Feb 3 20:40:37 2003

Sally, I haven't had such a good laugh in ages! That was soooo funny!

I don't live near any sheep right at the moment, but with all the gas in me, I think flying wouldn't be any problem right now!

I hate to tell you the absolute worst of it though.... I was surprised that there were no posts here for three days! Even after the shuttle thing.... no messages on the board. Then I posted a very short one today and actually got an e-mail response. But I didn't see it on my screen! That's when I realized that I had to change my view and my shortcut on my desktop; because we were in a new month! Talk about flaky!!!!! Hey, can I blame it on pain? Or do I have to accept it as another blond moment?! wr >
>Dear Winged Phantom, I have visions of you flying around the farm
>at night. Do you protect sheep from mountain lions? LOL Your comment
>about writing a long message and then losing it struck home.. I do that a lot.
>Most of my really short messages are because I don't have the energy
>to re-write my long one. Love, Sally Grigg

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