Re: Desperately need your help!!!!!!!!

From: Sally Grigg (
Sat Feb 1 16:38:07 2003

At Fri, 31 Jan 2003, winged phantom wrote: >
>Brenda, I just lost a long message I prepared for you. I'm still
>figuring out all the ways I can goof up here on this board! But the gist
>of it all is that msn seems to have an active pain board:
> (I
>did a search for "pain message board"; there were several
>promising-looking sites)
>And here is a site where you can search for doctor's names (as well as
>here); I know I ran across the
>names earlier today.
>I have just turned into a pumpkin, so I hope you can find someone to
>commiserate with tonight. I hope it goes much better for you....

Dear Winged Phantom, I have visions of you flying around the farm
at night. Do you protect sheep from mountain lions? LOL Your comment
about writing a long message and then losing it struck home.. I do that a lot.
Most of my really short messages are because I don't have the energy
to re-write my long one. Love, Sally Grigg

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