oh what a beautiful morning

From: jess (X_GRRL_83@hotmail.com)
Tue Feb 4 04:15:18 2003

good morning to my new found family agaain my sincerest thanks because of you guys there is now alot more hope for my baby brother. (I know he's 3 but he's still my baby!) because of all the information you guys have shared with me i've been put in contact with not 1 but 2 doctors right here in dublin who deal with confluent spraygel. a term that less than a week ago would have made no sense at all to me!! one of the doctors spoke to me this morning and i've put him in touch with dylans surgeon. i know it's only a start and may not be suitable for him but it's hope and i'm sure everyone in here knows what it's like to feel hopeless so you can also appreciate the high all this information has given me and my family. my mother cried when i gave her the information i'd recieved because she'd pretty much given up hope and now things don't seem so bleak.

i don't feel so helpless and alone anymore and all of this because people really do care. I'd begun to think after many unanswered e-mails, messages etc that people just were not willing to help but you've all proved me wrong.

thank you to everybody who's e-mailed me about dylan. trust me he's adorable and when i get my scanner fixed i'll mail you all a couple of pictures. thank you to anybody who offered to send him something. that idea is so touching and again proves how wrong i was to doubt anybody. i never expected the response i recieved from this but it's totally changed my frame of mind.

thank you again and i can only say i hope the very best for every last one of you because people like you guys deserve it.


jess (Dublin, ireland)

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