Re: oh what a beautiful morning

From: winged phantom (
Tue Feb 4 07:54:47 2003

jess, As Homer (Simpson, if you don't know lol) would say, "WOOOO-HOOOOO!!!!!!" That's very good news, indeed! Don't worry, my kids in their 20's are also still my "babies" and always will be. That's just part of the way it is with families.

It's great, fantastic!, that there are surgeons in Dublin that may be able to help you. How encouraging! I hope it's the right thing for him, and he would not even have to be moved elsewhere, which would be very hard for his tired little body.

Yes, there is a lot of good in the world, jess. But we all have had our hard times in finding some of it, sometimes. Perhaps we should look at it in the sense that we appreciate things when they are harder to find and obtain. But of course we don't like the suffering that we, and especially, our children, have to go through before we get help.

I'll send my prayers to you and your family, especially dylan and your mother, who have probably suffered the most. I'll also look forward to positive updates on dylan's condition. wr

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