Re: Surgery to correct adhesions in non-emergency cases

From: Sally Grigg (
Tue Feb 4 11:38:11 2003

At Tue, 4 Feb 2003, Siouxshi wrote: >
>i have been in and out of the hospital with surgeries, NG tubes, and the
>waiting game for bowel obstructions due to adhesion from 4 prior
>abdominal surgeries. on christmas eve, that familiar pain hit me duirng
>a large family gathering AT MY HOUSE. i was determined not to be in the
>hospital for x-mas so i borrowed some darvocet from my neighbor recoving
>from a c-section and waited it out at home. during these episodes that
>occur at least once a month, i do not go to the hospital unless a fever
>develops or a begin vomitting. while in the middle of the pain, i am
>determined to get help for myself this time but when it has passed, i am
>so grateful and feel so good that i don't ever call my doctor.
>do doctors go in to clean out adhesions (and possibly use the new
>formation preventions) without being in the middle of an obstruction? do
>i have to continue this cycle until another 100% blockage occurs instead
>of the partials i have been having? 100% or a partial, the pain is the
>same. i cannot eat regular meals, cannot digest meat or veggies very
>well. i live on cereal and bread with the occassional potato and pasta.
>the weight loss if OK with me but not enjoying the foods i love and
>living in fear of when the next episode will hit me and not knowing
>where i will be when it does it a crappy way to live, as i am sure you
>can this be an elective, laparoscopic surgery or must it be a required,
>laparatomy always??? thanks for any help!

Dear Siouxshi, Your story sounds so familiar. No you do not have to
wait for a bowel blockage, but you would be wise to only have surgery
where it will be effective. Please go to the quilt and read other people's
stories. And also past emails. There is a wealth of information on this
board. Dr. Kruschinski's surgery with spray gel near Frankfurt, Germany
is the only place so far where most people have successful adhesion surgery.
He does a no-carbon dioxide, manual abdomen lift laproscopic surgery with
spray gel as a barrier. I'm not a doctor but please, please read and absorb
the thousands of years of experience (between us all) here on the adhesions
board. Good luck and take care, I know its hard, painful, and expensive.
 Love, Sally Grigg

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