Surgery to correct adhesions in non-emergency cases

From: Siouxshi (
Tue Feb 4 06:09:26 2003

i have been in and out of the hospital with surgeries, NG tubes, and the waiting game for bowel obstructions due to adhesion from 4 prior abdominal surgeries. on christmas eve, that familiar pain hit me duirng a large family gathering AT MY HOUSE. i was determined not to be in the hospital for x-mas so i borrowed some darvocet from my neighbor recoving from a c-section and waited it out at home. during these episodes that occur at least once a month, i do not go to the hospital unless a fever develops or a begin vomitting. while in the middle of the pain, i am determined to get help for myself this time but when it has passed, i am so grateful and feel so good that i don't ever call my doctor.

do doctors go in to clean out adhesions (and possibly use the new formation preventions) without being in the middle of an obstruction? do i have to continue this cycle until another 100% blockage occurs instead of the partials i have been having? 100% or a partial, the pain is the same. i cannot eat regular meals, cannot digest meat or veggies very well. i live on cereal and bread with the occassional potato and pasta. the weight loss if OK with me but not enjoying the foods i love and living in fear of when the next episode will hit me and not knowing where i will be when it does it a crappy way to live, as i am sure you understand.

can this be an elective, laparoscopic surgery or must it be a required, laparatomy always??? thanks for any help!

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