Re: kinky bowel??

From: winged phantom (
Wed Feb 5 09:01:51 2003

Hi jess, Hey, it's good you finally said you were a "jessica," because all this time I thought you were a guy! lol

Anything the doctors tell you, you can do a search for: I typed in "kink in bowel" (but without the quotation marks), and I got a lot of hits. This is one of them, which will tell you that a kink is definitely not a good thing:

In other words, a kink, or even a twist or torsion, of the bowel causes an obstruction. It can also lead to death of the intestinal tissue itself when the blood supply is cut off.

Take care, jess; you know, you will always be dylan's hero. Just let us know what we can help you with. wr

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