Re: kinky bowel??

From: jess (
Wed Feb 5 09:55:07 2003

hi again i pretty much figured that was a bad thing!!! and yeah jessICA!!!! as female as ur gonna get!! i was wondering why everybody was using the word "Sibling" instead of just saying sister!! i guess i should have clarified but now that i think about it it's hard to know anything about anyone in here really!! as in ages genders etc.

goes to show that age really is just a number. anyway to fill u in he's doin ok today. good mood but just not himself. i'm dreading these tests tomorrow because we very rarely have a good outcome from any of these things but i'm not gonna be pesimistic because after all the stuff that poor little guy's been through he deserves a bit of good luck.

they put a line in yesterday (Not a central line, the other one?? it's permanent??) anyway i can't remember the name of it but i don't know how he puts up with it. i know he hasn't got a choice but the poor kid's got more wiring than a christmas tree!! i.v in each arm and one ankle, tube from his stomach(through his nose) and now the one in his chest. i know underneath it all he's still my baby bro and no different but it's killing me that i can't pick him up and cuddle him like i normally do. (he gives the best hugs ever, besides the fact he snuggles in so close he rubs my back and says "there there jecka!!") yeah he's a cutie and whats more is he's MY cutie. i'll be damned if 'm letting this get me down any more. it's hard but he's been through so much worse!!

kinda makes u feel bad for complaining about a headache or a flu!!

anyway i'll talk to u soon thanks again love and best wishes

jecka xxxxxxxxxx

jess (Dublin, ireland)

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