Re: Desperately need your help!!!!!!!!

Thu Feb 6 13:02:14 2003

Hello Brenda Dear, As afellow sufferer of many pains for the last eight years I can sympathize with what you are going through. Naturally my first suggestion is to turn to God and speak positive words. I say this because the words that you speak are just what the devil wants to hear, so be positive. I would not say anything except I have been through the mill myself and when I finally had all that I could handle and then some, I turned all of my problems over to God because I finally realized that I wasn't man enough to handle all that the devil was putting me through. I would also say to you to find a good pain management Dr. If you already have one, you might try another, or ask the Dr. that you have for the Duragesic patches because with all of the oxycontin that you are taking, you are bound to be bound up which makes anyone realy sick. The Duragesic patches slowly release the drugs into your system as opposed to the oxycontin which has to be broken down by your body in order to gain relief. Also your Dr. should have you on Miralax, which you should start with two tablespoons morning and evening until you have a relaxing movement. Then you should use the Miralax as prescribed, which is one heaping tablespoon each day. Should your Dr. fail to respond to your request, I would suggest that you find a new pain management Dr. The oxycontin is a good drug, however many Dr.'s prescribe it for to long of a period of time , and your meds should be alternated when using them in pill form. Ask your Dr. for the Duragesic patches and he should also give you morphine for breakthrough pain. With the morphine pills you will find that you can easily become bound up in your bowels, so ask him for the morphine suckers. If you are continually on the same medication for a long period of time, you may become tolerant to it and have to have a higher dose. This holds true with the Duragesic patches also, however with the patches the medication is absorbed thrugh the skin and not absorbed through the liver which has to break down all meds in pill form. I was on so many different meds in pill form that I had to have lumps removed from my breasts and I am a man. I am now awaiting for the scheduling of the second surgury due to the duration of time that I was on several meds in pill form. Oxycontin is a good drug and a bad drug, it is good for use to treat chronic pain, but it is bad to use it for over six months before changing medication to another narcotic.We have exellent Dr.'s and hospitals here in Oklahoma and the surrounding states, however I am not familiar with North Carolina. I do hope and pray that either Cookie Tish, or will respond to you, or one of the other girls that may know more about female problems. Tish is currently living in Oklahoma, but she drives to Texas to her Dr. Robin lives in New Mexico and may have soe advice that she can give you. Just e-mail either of them and tell them that Dave gave you their e-mail adress, and I am sure that either of them can give you further advice if they have not already done so. Should you decide to come to Oklahoma, between Tish and myself you will have a place to stay and a place where your son is safe. I will keep you in my prayers, as most of the rest of the board will and we will help you get through this. May god bless you and keep you Safe and be sure to E-Mail us to let us know of your progress. I am disabled due to being run over by a semi truck and am Blessed to be alive, however I have gone through many types of pain from a crushed spine and broken neck and adhesions myself, as well as a list of medical infirmities that are too long to list, but be assured that on the days when I am not bedfast I try my best to help anyone that I can. I spent the last eight days bedfast because my legs quit working due to the nerve damage incurred during the accident and I have to spend most of my time in bed. But please be patient and I will answer all of the mail that I receive in the order of the most importance. Right now I have 224 E-mails left out of 521 however I will not be able to sit long enough to read each one today. Should you decide to respond I will answer your mail first, just to make sure that You are settled and blessed in any way that I can help you. I will go for now and would ask that you keep in touch to let me know that you and your son are doing fine. I know that it is very hard for you and will pray for you daily. In Gods Love..Dave

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